Tuesday, 25 June 2013

IMATS London 2013

IMATS London 2013

I had such an amazing day on the 23rd of June 2013 at London IMATS (International Make-Up Artist Trade Show - for people who have been living under a rock).
I also went on the Saturday 22nd June, but it was so crowded I struggled to enjoy myself as much as i'd hoped.
Sunday was amazing though.. I got to finally meet my lovely friend Jess whom I met on Youtube, it was so cool to finally meet her seeing as we've been chatting for over a year!

On Saturday I...

Struggled with the crowds, you would've thought everyone would be really polite...no, I was pushed, shoved to and fro.. I gave up in the end trying to look at products, from this picture it doesn't look as busy as it was but look at the que to get to NYX!

Met the lovely Sammi from BeautyCrush....
I got all 'glittery' not gittery.. glittery, when I met her, she was so pretty and lovely! I am a huge fan of Sammi, I always really enjoy her videos and was so pleased to find she was as lovely in person as she is in videos!

Met Fleur & Ingrid (Fleurdeforce, missglamorazzi)

Saw a sexy naked man... I really wanted to give his bum a squeeze. Look at those tiny little shorts! Only muscles like these can pull it off... To be honest ladies, we're not looking at the body art (although now taking a look it is rather amazing)...

Saw some amazing body art...


Got to meet my lovely Jess (Jambers8)
Me and Jess in Nandos :)

Hahaha, I asked this girl if she was cold! Amazing air brushing at mistair!

My beeeeeaaauttttiful inglot palette!

My little goodies!

Two NYX Jumbo eye pencils - blackbean, knight.
Bdellium face brush
NYX Sharpener
Mac eyeliner - designer purple
OCC Lip Tar
Nyx lip liner
Nyx blush - taupe

Here's my outfit of the day:

 Hope you liked my little post :)

Friday, 11 January 2013

Bh cosmetics; Professional Blush Palette Review

BHcosmetics 10 Color Palette
Professional Blush

You can purchase this here:  http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B003QAPTAW/ref=oh_details_o03_s00_i00

I recently picked this up from Amazon, and I thought I would do a review on it. It cost me £12.55 with free delivery, which I thought was a right bargain for 10 blushes. The palette itself feels quite sturdy, although I couldn't imagine accidently dropping it onto a hard floor and it completely surviving. I do like the packaging it looks sleek and professional.

Palette Closed
 The palette open without flash (studio lighting coming in from the left)
 The palette open with flash (studio lighting coming in from the left) 

It has a good range of blushes, with slight (not major) variation in finishes and textures. I was instantly drawn to the blush (top row 4th from the left) and the dolly pink colour (bottom row, 1st from the left).

Picture of the first 4 blushes (without flash)

Swatches (studio lighting, no flash)

1st Blush (Top row, far left): 

This blush has a nice creamy texture, and is a very brown toned blush, i'd pretty much call this a bronzer. 

2nd Blush (Top row, 2nd along):

This blush feels nice, however unfortunately it has a very sheer colour pay-off which I'm not that big of a fan of. 

3rd Blush (Bottom row, far left):

This blush has such a lovely, creamy blend-able texture, even though it is a powder. It's pigmentation is okay, but not amazing.

4th Blush (Bottom row, 2nd along):

This is a nice mauvey toned pink, it feels nice but again the colour pay off doesn't impress me.

Next set of 4 blushes (with studio lighting coming in from the left, no flash)

Next set of 4 blushes (with studio lighting coming in from the left, with flash)

Swatches (studio lighting, no flash)

Seperate Blush Reviews (Starting from the left)

1st Blush (top row, far left):

This blush is one of those annoyingly gorgeous and beautiful shimmery powders, that when you apply to the skin the shimmer just doesn't come up. However, I do appreciate the colour pay off on this, it's nice and pretty, I'd describe this blush as a 'babydoll pink'.

2nd Blush (top row, middle):

This blush is a mix between a pink and a coral colour I would describe it as. It's colour pay off is lovely, although it seems to be that you get one or the other in this palette - the consistency or the colour pay off, this time the colour pay off is lovely, although the blush has a slight chalky texture which I'm definitely not a fan of.

3rd Blush (Bottom row, far left):

This blush is literally orange, there is no other way to describe it. This is my least favourite I swatched out of the palette, although in saying that I haven't tested it on my face. It's chalky and the pay-off is crap.

4th Blush (Bottom row, middle):

Although it is quite sheer, I do quite like this blush. Because it's so scaringly bright barbie pink, it's quite nerve-wracking to use a blush this pink (well me personally anyway), but because it's sheer, it gives a beautiful finish on the cheeks. It really brightens your complexion.

The last two in the palette, I would describe more as bronzers than blushers.
Unfortunately I forgot to get a swatch for these - but they are you standard bronzer colours.

Overall, I like this palette, I don't hate it but I am not obsessed with it. It's good value for the price you pay considering a mac blush is around the same amount as this palette.

Overall Rating: 6/10

Perfect for girls just starting out in make-up, who want to experiment a little without breaking the bank.

I hope you have a lovely day and don't forget to check out my youtube channel: shivonmakeupbiz xxxx

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Glittery Golds; Make-Up Tutorial

Glittery Golds

I was super inspired by all the other beauty guru's to do this make-up tutorial, the typical festive gold eyeshadows and red lips.. but I wanted to add even more glitter! So I ordered a chunky gold glitter online which will be linked below and set off filming this look. I really loved the way this turned out. If you try this out yourself leave a comment below and be sure to follow this blog! 

Here are some pictures of what the make-up looks like:

Overall Look:

With Flash:

 Without Flash:

Watch the video here: 

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Products Used:

Urban Decay Primer Potion: http://tinyurl.com/cluwmb3
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil (Milk): http://tinyurl.com/d6wtblj
MUA Gold Glitter Liner: http://tinyurl.com/cnecgnv
Chunky Gold Glitter: http://tinyurl.com/c27knnc
Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette: Foxy, Bootycall, Tease, Blackout : http://tinyurl.com/bvojr2h
Sleek Oh So Special Palette: Two Matt Brown Colours: http://tinyurl.com/clanp7b
Rimmel Liquid Eyeliner: http://tinyurl.com/bm88qj5
Loreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara: http://tinyurl.com/44bm25h
Elf Eyelash Curlers (Don't recommend so I wont include a link)
Maybelline Gel Liner: http://tinyurl.com/clwncaw
Revlon Colourstay Foundation: http://tinyurl.com/6bug394
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder: http://tinyurl.com/bmc47rj
Elf Peachy Keen Blush: http://tinyurl.com/dylm7ob
Sleek Contour Kit (Highlight): http://tinyurl.com/bwbownu
Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer: http://tinyurl.com/cmax9xe
Nude Pink Lip (Japanese Brand - any nude pink will work)
MUA Red Lipstick: http://tinyurl.com/9vzxsrs

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Monday, 17 December 2012

Purple Haze; Make-Up Tutorial

perfect for a special occasion...

Purple Haze

I decided to call this gorgeous look 'Purple Haze' as one of the eye shadows I use is called purple haze, and I really liked that name! I really love the way this look turned out and would gladly wear this on any special occasion/night out/Xmas parties/new years drunken nights etc.. aha!

If you know me, or just figured it out, you will know that I have an obsession with purple eyeshadow... I love it, it makes the green in my eyes stand out and I just love it so much. Every person with different eye shapes/colours that I have done make-up on like this, it looks gorgeous and beautiful and flirty and brilliant!

Wear this on your new years eve party and you will be definitely be turning the right heads;) hehe!

Here are a few pictures;

Watch the video tutorial below and don't forget to subscribe to my channel! :D

Products Used:

Urban Decay Primer Potion (Original) - http://tinyurl.com/cluwmb3
Shimmery Eyeshadow Stick (Japanese brand not sure of the brand, but any shimmery base will do)
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye pencil (Perversion) - http://tinyurl.com/cwr6a75
MAC eyeshadows - Ready to party, contrast, beauty marked. - http://tinyurl.com/cspab3g
My face cosmetics blingtone eyeshadow (Purple Haze) - http://tinyurl.com/cun4xr3
Urban Decay Naked Palette (Creep, Half Baked) - http://tinyurl.com/65z937g
Japanese false eyelashes (Just choose ones with thicker lashes towards the outer corner)
Maybelline Gel Liner (Black) - http://tinyurl.com/clwncaw
Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara - http://tinyurl.com/8fjzm3k
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - http://tinyurl.com/bmc47rj
Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer - http://tinyurl.com/6dwd7u6
Mac Mineralize Skin Finish (Light Year) (Just use any blush you want really!)
Mac Hue Lipstick - http://tinyurl.com/clw6t3s
Mac Little Rock Marilyn Monroe Dazzleglass (Any clear lipgloss will do)

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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Halloween/Costume Tutorials; Vampire!

i want to drink your blood...

Vampire Tutorial

What is halloween costumes, without a vampire!? It has to be done. 

I love the result of this, I actually left this make-up on so long during the day that I completely forgot about it and nearly left the house like it! Haha! :)

I wanted to do a sexier vampire, maybe next year I will do a full on terrifying vampire - so watch out for that next year! ;)

Anywho, hope you enjoyed this xxooo

Products Used:

White Greasepaint (From my Level 3 Make Up College kit) - You could use a white cream eyeshadow or some form of pale base to mix with your foundation for this, or if you wanted to go full out you could use a white face paint.
Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation - http://tinyurl.com/92bypcd
Kryolon Translucent Powder - http://tinyurl.com/9hffa29
Matt Dark Brown Eyeshadow, Dark Grey Eyeshadow, Matt Black eyeshadow (All from my Level 3 Make Up College kit palette, but you could find these colours anywhere for really cheap - I highly recommend checking out MUA)
Kryolon Red Eyeshadow - Couldn't find online, use a matt red eyeshadow.
Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara - http://tinyurl.com/8fjzm3k
Red Lipliner - Was part of my college kit - but again you could find a red lipliner anywhere - I recommend MUA! :)
Black pencil eyeliner - Part of my Level 2 Make Up Kit
MUA red lipstick
Black lipstick (Found cheap at Sainsburys for £1)
Maybelline Gel Eyeliner
Congealed Blood (for the darker bits)
Liquid Blood (for the drippy effect)

Much love from shivvy xoxoxoxxoo

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Halloween/Costume Tutorials; Sexy Red Devil

a sexy devil...

Sexy Devil 

So this is my second halloween/costume tutorial for 2012! :) I hope you like it, this is probably the one that alot of girls would wear :) You could tone it down by just having the eyes or the lips it's completely up to you! I hope you like it :D

- I thought sexy halloween look before I start filming all my special effects blood and gore looks, so I automatically thought 'sexy devil' and thought heavy smokey eyes and red lips to match the devil theme! What do you think of this look? Would you wear something like this for halloween?

- I kinda wish I filmed this after I dyed my hair red!
Products Used:

Barry M Glitter Eye Crayon (Black): Can't find the glittery one but found a black one http://tinyurl.com/d4r3d4l

Urban Decay Smoked Palette: http://tinyurl.com/bs93dvm
Macallen 120 Colour Palette: http://tinyurl.com/bstasrg
Maybelline Gel Eyeliner: http://tinyurl.com/bpavfz7
Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara: http://tinyurl.com/8fjzm3k
Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer: http://tinyurl.com/6dwd7u6
Amazing Shine False Eyelashes (forgotten the number): http://tinyurl.com/cdktqgy
MUA Red Lipstick: http://tinyurl.com/bnd3y2x
Devil Horns and Trident: http://tinyurl.com/ycu3udh

Monday, 22 October 2012

Halloween/Costume Tutorials: 'Army Girl'

Halloween/Costume Tutorials

Army Girl

So from Monday 22nd October (2012) to the 30th October (2012) I will be uploading a different halloween/costume look every day! It's taken ALOT of work, but has been ALOT of fun! 

- I'm starting off with my the simplest look out of all that I have filmed/going to film - you could definitely adapt this look to work with whatever budget you have!

I picked this real ex-army jacket up at a Steam Fair in Hertfordshire (UK) for a fiver! Bargain! This inspired me to do an army girl type tutorial, I was planning on filming some looks but hadn't really figured out what I wanted to do just yet.

So this is what I came up with, I hope you like it! :)

Products Used:

All eyeshadows & greasepaints were part of my Level 3 Make-Up Artistry college kit, but any eyeshadows the same colour or face paints will work fine! :)

Loreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara

I hope you enjoyed this! Don't forget to subscribe! xoxoxo